Local Development Center

Центры социальной адаптации

SABR Socio Economic Development Center together with local authorities and regional women’s committees, Higher and secondary special education departments of Samarkand oblast, Public NGO Support Fund and other civil society institutes and with the support of international partners The Haven Wolverhampton (UK) and foreign organizations accredited in Uzbekistan, such as EU in Tashkent and German Association of People’s Universities (DVV International) created Local Development Centers (LDC) in Urgut, Akdarya regions and in Samarkand city.


Local Development Center in Urgut region

  In connection with the “Year of small and private entrepreneurship” announced in the country and to satisfy population demands Local Development Center (LDC) was opened in Urgut region in October 22, 2011 by SABR Socio Economic Development Center and with the support of Hokimiat of Urgut region and sponsor who rendered a premise for the center in SABR’s disposal.

 Active training activity is led in Urgut LDC where young women are taught sewing skills, computer literacy, hair dressing and confectionary skills together with basics of knitting. Future workers master these important skills with great desire. They also attend trainings on successful communication, healthy way of life, leadership skills development. Trainings are delivered in a well equipped premise, specially designed for this purpose. Psychologists from SABR together with legal advisor deliver field counseling in the room of psychological relaxation.

Local Development Center in Akdarya region

On the basis of Polytechnic College Local Development Center  in Akdarya region was opened in October 28, 2013. This event was held with the support and participation of partners from The Haven Wolverhampton, local authorities, mass media and community. LDC is equipped with sewing machines, computers and hair dressing equipment as well as all necessary furniture. There is also a training room.  LDC contributes formation of professional skills of youth from low income families, fostering self employment of local population.  Along with professional skills our target group receives entrepreneurship skills and has access to financial services, which are rendered by DE “Microcredit organization of SABR”

Local development Center in Samarkand

Next LDC was opened in August 15,  2014 in Samarkand city. It was established on the basis of Pedagogic College with the help of Higher and Secondary Special Education Department of Samarkand oblast, The Haven Wolverhampton (UK),  DVV and  NGO National Association of Uzbekistan. The Center is equipped with furniture, sewing machines, computers, confectionary and hair dressing equipment. Young women and youth from neighboring mahallas can get professional skills there. Our target group  can participate in trainings on successful communication, leadership and business skills, basics of marketing, healthy way of life. 


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