Action “16 days against the violence”

On the topic:  “From piece in the family to the piece in  the world!»

 “SABR” National  Center for Socio-Economic Development during 13 years participates in International action  “16 days against the violence”. In 2015 the action began  from the announcement of the XIII annual competition of posters and pictures within the limit of the International action  “16 days against the violence” by the  theme “From   piece in the family to  piece in the world” announced by the  center “SABR” with  the social youth movement “Kamolot”.

Annually, beginning from 2002, Socio-economical development center “SABR” carried out action “16 days against the violence” f or supporting of the international action of the UNO and thus makes its contribution into prevention of violence in the family and society. This year the Action “16 days against the violence” accentuates to education. The formula “education for all life” changed to the formula “education through whole life”

This year, with in the limits of the event connected with this action, were carried out informational meetings and training on increasing of awareness on the given problem, there was carried out competition of pictures and posters between the students and youth ofSamarkandcity. Children expressed their attitude to this problem in their pictures. The pictures were devoted to the piece in the family, piece in the world.

The theme of the international action closely intertwines with the activity of the Socio-economical development center “SABR”, that was reflected on presentation of the activity of local development centers in  Samarkandcity,  Urgut and Akdarya districts in the form  of slide-show and theater performance. In presentations was noted the role of the  DVV International   in  supporting of the activity of the LDC in the city and Urgut district. 

On the event was performed the in formation about the action “16 days against the violence”, was carried out quiz  on the relevant theme, final exhibition of pictures, summation of the competition of pictures and quiz, announcement of winners, awarding of keepsakes  to the winners and con cert of the artistic  youth  of Samarkand city.  

The event was hold at 13:30 p.m. on 4th of December, 2015 at the youth center. The concert was the final stage of the International action “16 days against the violence” on the theme: “From piece in family, to piece in all over the world!” carried out by the “SABR” National  Center for  Socio-Economic Development.

By the results of the com petition there were awarded the following places among the schoolchildren and students: 

1st place - Rahmatova Shahruza



1st place - Karshieva Sarvinoz, Abdunabieva Zarnigor


2nd place - Omonova Sabina


2nd place - Ravshanova Mehribon


3rd place - Abdukamilova Mohira


3rd  place - Abdukamilova Mohira


More then 600 persons participated on the concert-presentation, which concluded the action on 04th of December, 2015.

The artistic Youth of Samarkand city supported the action with their music numbers.

The prize-winners were awarded a valuable gifts, other participants were awarded nominations with the consolation prizes.

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