“SABR” National Center for Socio-Economic Development


Assistance in improvement of social and economical state of the vulnerable layers of population, activation of their civil position, development of abilities and opportunities by  the instrumentality of introduction of social innovations on the grounds of democratic valuables  and social partnership

Main milestone in development of the center:

“Sabr” had been founded and established as the first center of trust for women and children who fall in crisis situation in November 1996. In March, 2005 it had been reregistered as a Socio-economical development center “SABR” in connection with broadening of activity sphere. In August 2016 the organization was reregistered as a “SABR” National Center for Socio-Economic Development.

 Main directions of activity:

- rendering of psychological, social an d legal, medical support of women and children in crisis situations (circuit meetings with rural population, personal consultations and consultations via hotlines etc.);

- carrying out of educational activity (trainings, conferences, forums, round tables, media campaigns);

- rendering of methodological and practical aid to the NGO of theRepublicofUzbekistan;

- inculcation of professional skills to women and young women from low-income layers of rural population;

- realization of the program on micro-loans to low-income  economically active layers of population for the purpose of improvement of their social and economical state.

   Complex approach suggests harmonic inter-addition of social and micro-financing program, which assists to improvement of life of the low-income layers of population, increasing of their legal and economical literacy, forms purpose to healthy lifestyle, strengthens social and economical activity of the inhabitants of the rural regions. Thanking such approach there may be talked about positive influence of the organization to social and economical state of the tar get groups.

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