Social program

Социальная программа

“SABR” renders psychological, social, legal and medical support in the frameworks of its counseling and referential activity over help lines and internal counseling.

The “SABR” National Center for Socio-Economic Development renders psychological, social, legal and medical support within the limits of the consultative activity, having performing consultations by hotlines and personally at the center. From the whole number of respondents - 78 % are women and children.

The specialists of the Center render consultative aid to young persons who are going to marry. There are carried out  discusses with the future spouses about psychology of marital relationships, hygiene of the  marriage, different questions which are regulated  by the Family legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Carry out of filed seminars in the rural district of Samarkand region is an independent direction of  the social  program of the Center, carry out of trainings for representatives of public education, law-enforcement agencies, health authorities and mass media, and also at organizations, educational in situations and civilian  communities of Samarkand city for increasing of awareness  of population  relating questions, which correspond to main aspects  of the Center’s activity.

The team of trainers of the Social program, who use the methodology and modules developed at the organization, carries out the lessons. All participants of the trainings underline their positive influence to change of their life set. The rural inhabitants began to think more about regular and safe feeding, reasonable   carrying out of celebrations, and improvement of health.

There is also noted necessity of receiving of knowledge and skills for solution of conflict situations, personal growth and development of leader’s qualities and successful friendly communication not only in the family but also with surrounding persons. There is increased the self-appraisal of the clients and their self-confidence in decision-making on business management thanking to participation at business-trainings on promotion of social interests - advocacy.

There happen positive changes on the level of societies relating to environment, their civilian communities and fellow villager.

Realization  of the micro-financing program, which is performed by the center, began in  2001 under supporting  of the Netherlandian international  development organization - NOVIB.

Further the NOVIB rendered support in organizational and institutional development of the Socio-economical development center “SABR”.

In November, 2006 the micro-financing program had been registered as an affiliated undertaking “Micro-credit organization SABR”.  In 2016 the affiliated undertaking “Micro-credit organization SABR” was reorganized as a “Micro-credit organization SABR” LLC.

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