Microfinance program

Микрофинансовая программа

Microfinance program of SABR started its activity in 2001 due to the support of the Netherlands’ Fund NOVIB. 

Services rendered by “Micro-credit organization SABR” LLC:

  • Issue of micro-loans to population of target districts: Target group: economically active low-income layers of the population   of rural district of Samarkand region: Urgut, Ishtihan, Payarik, Taylak, Akdarya districts;
  • Carry out of trainings on basics of market economy, financial management for the purpose of  improvement of the primary business-skills  of the clients;
  • Consulting services in the sphere of micro-financing.

Advantages of micro-financing services:

  • group loans;
  • easy filling of documents;
  • easy choosing  of the terms and sizes of micro-financing services;
  • absence of collateral security;
  • issue of micro-loans in different forms;
  • social component.

Client of “Micro-credit organization SABR” LLC  are: women - 75 %,   men -25% 
Average age  of the clients is 34 years old.

Results of micro-financing program’s activity

Thanking to simplified system of rendering of micro-financing services more and more inhabitants of rural districts are interested in becoming of our clients.

The rural inhabitants, who are involved in our program, received opportunity to make savings, develop a business, have improved the quality of feeding and life in whole. There is increased their satisfaction in the life quality, changed gender relation ships and roles.  Thanking to increasing of incomes, the clients who participate in micro-financing, received an opportunity to obtain a property, expensive household appliances, vehicle, constructional materials and to do other expenditures for improvement of the quality of their lives.

There are significant changes in the entrepreneurial activity that means the broadening of business, development of business quality and increasing g of assortment of goods. There is an increase the wellbeing of the families – receivers of loans.

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