About European Union commission’s institution building and partnership program

     European Union commission’s institution building and partnership program (IBPP) of the is realized within the limits of Intergovernmental Financial Agreement between theRepublicofUzbekistanand European Union’s Commission. It provides carrying out of grant-competitions between the civil institutes by the different priority directions of state and social construction coordinated with the government ofUzbekistan.

    Domestic NGO successfully participate in and execution the international projects, including within the limits of the programs of the European Union TACIS, partnership and institutional development which are directed to strengthening of the potential of civil institutes ofUzbekistan, supporting of their interaction with the non-governmental organizations of the European Union. So, the number of domestic  NGO have successfully realized  joint programs with the EU in the sphere:  improvement of the quality of teaching of children with disabilities   by the instrumentality of  providing of integrated ecological education al courses with the  children of general schools; increasing of the role and status of woman in the community, strengthening of the potential of women’s NGO in Uzbekistan; assistance in development of entrepreneurship  between the women and youth in rural districts  of Uzbekistan; increasing g of   the potential youth N GO; etc.

    Thus, from August, 2013 Till September, 2015 in Samarkand district has been realized the project  “Support of the development of local community for sustainable livelihood  living  standards improvement in rural area” administrated by the NGO of Haven  - Wolverhampton (Great Britain) in partnership with the  Центром Socio-economical development center “SABR” of Samarkand region (Uzbekistan).

 Results of the project:

     There were planned and carried out the following events for the purpose of supporting of the Socio-economical development center “SABR”:

- III international British-Uzbek forum “The pearl of the East” “Development of civil society institutes:  main conceptions, models and approaches” (13-14th of November, 2013 inLondon).

    Organizers: the Socio-economical development center “SABR”, Parliamentary commission on  management of  the meaning s of the Social fun d on supporting of NGO and other institutes of the civil society under the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan  Haven -- Wolverhampton (Great Britain),  with supporting g of the Embassy of Uzbekistan   in the Great Britain  and Embassy of the Great Britain  in Uzbekistan.

    Main purposes of the forum – presentation of the model of development of civil society of Uzbekistan, successful examples of social partnership between three sections  in solution of the social tasks for improvement of the life’s quality  for everybody, experience exchange and development of the partnership strategy between the civil society institutes of two countries. The representatives of the civil society institutes, diplomatic corps, legislative bodies, scientists-experts, guests fromFrance,Russia,Nigeriaand other countries- partners of Haven -Wolverhamptontook part in the forum.

-  opening of equipping of the Local Development Centers:

    On 28th of October, 2013 has been opened theLocalDevelopmentCenter on the basis of polytechniccollege ofAkdarya district,Samarkand region. There is per formed services, which assist to formation of the professional skills at youth from low- income families and students of the college at this center.

    On 30th of October, 2013 was carried out technical equipping and supporting of the operating Local Development Center of Urgut district, which was founded on the basis of economical college.

    On 15th of August, 2014 has been opened theLocalDevelopmentCenter inSamarkand city based on pedagogical college with participation of the partners from Haven- Wolverhampton, local authorities, mass media and community.

    There are were signed memorandums about partnership between the Center “SABR”, department of secondary special professional education of Samarkand region, regional committee  of women and regional department of the social fund “Mahallya” within the limits of execution of the project and for the purpose of execution  of  the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “About social partnership”.

   596 young women and girls received professional education and skills in confectionary,  hairdressing and sewing, carpet weaving and computer literacy within the limits of the project. There were carried out 125 information al meetings and trainings on the basics of business and marketing, financial literacy and etc. There were issued 1670 micro-loans in the target rural districts. There are trained 39 volunteers for working at the Local Development Centers.

- also within the limits of the project were organized trainee jobs and carried out trainings for the stable development of the Socio-economical development center “SABR”:

    The partners from Haven- Wolverhampton carried out training “Development of partnership relationships and network construction”.

    The partners from Haven- Wolverhampton (Great Britain) carried out 2-days training for workers of the Center “SABR” on the topic s: “Economical opportunity on the example of British NGO “Approach to business” and “Widening of rights and opportunities of women”

    Training for the workers of the Center “SABR”, which was carried out by the partners from Haven- Wolverhampton (Great Britain), on the topic :  “Fund-Raising. Stable development of the organization”

- 3 round tables on the topic:

1. “Strengthening of the social partnership  between the NGO, state authority  bodies and law enforcement agencies “ (28th of October,  2013 inSamarkand city);

2.  “Social partnership for Support of the development of local community for sustainable livelihood  living  standards improvement in rural area” (15th of August , 2014 inSamarkand city).

3. “Support of the development of local community for sustainable livelihood  living  standards improvement in rural area” (presentation of the project’s results), and “master-classes” for tutors and listeners of the LocalDevelopmentCenterwith participation of the key specialists. (3rd of September, 2015 inSamarkand city).

In the local and republican press and local television was performed information relating each event.

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