Project from Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan

State social order from the Public Fund for  Support of  NGOs and Other Civil Society Institutions and a parliamentary commission for administration of the funds  under the Oliy Majlis.

 State social order "Assistance in obtaining additional professional skills of students, unreached youth, students of colleges to ensure their self-employment"


 1) Establishment of the Experimental Local Development Center (LDC) - short-term training courses on the development of professional skills aimed at developing the social activity of college and lyceum graduates, unreached by the labor youth.

 2) Provision of practical assistance to the target group who received professional skills and creating conditions for self-employment, stable business organization (obtaining microloans and microcredits, consulting specialists, etc.)

 3) Within the framework of holding an International Conference project, aimed at presenting positive experience of social partnership.


Main goals:

 1. For the effective implementation of the project, the signing of an agreement on partnership with state and non-governmental organizations (employment centers, banks, business entities, etc.)

 2. Development and application of 2-month training programs on professional areas which are in demand in the labor market

 3. Formation of target audience groups and organization of educational process for professional short-term courses in the Experimental LDC.

 4. Establishment of contacts and agreement on the timings of holding the International Conference with partners.

 5. Establishment of a social partnership with the media to cover the results of the project


Expected results:

 1. The idea of the project overlaps with the Strategy of Actions for the Further Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021 and the order of the Administration of Secondary Specialized and Vocational Education, which is aimed at supporting of a uniform state policy in the area of training young people with a wide range of in-depth knowledge in vocational education. The project is aimed at familiarizing, developing and preserving the interest of young people in folk crafts.

 2.  400 participants from the composition of college students and unreached youth will obtain additional professional skills, expand their potential in starting of small businesses. Participation in trainings on the basics of business, financial and computer literacy will contribute to the expansion of socio-economic opportunities for young people, increase self-confidence and competitiveness in the labor market. Their economic activity, including self-employment in the target group, will ultimately have a positive impact on their quality of life.

Given assistance from stakeholders, about 100 of them will start entrepreneurial activities or become a subject of the family business.

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